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Our Wildlife Care

For more than 10 years Araucaria Wildlife Sanctuary specialised in the care and release of marsupial species particularly macropods (Red-neck wallabies, Swamp Wallabies and Pademelons) but also gliders (Squirrel, Sugar and Feathertails), possums (Mountain Brushtails and Ringtails), and small mammals including Bandicoots, Antechinus and native rodents.

Our wildlife caring currently focuses on enhancing the habitat for wildlife in our area through regeneration and reforestation and sharing our passion in the hope of inspiring others to do the same.  Although we are no longer engaged in rescue and rehabilitation activities many of our orphans and special care patients still live at Araucaria and have joined with our wild friends. We will continue to share news on their antics, so follow our Latest News

If you have an animal that needs rescuing, please contact WIRES (NSW) 1300 094 737 OR Wildlife Rescue Australia 1300 596 457.


Rock Valley
NSW, Australia, 2480

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