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Our Land Care

When we purchased the land 20+ years ago the majority had been cleared for bananas, cropping and cattle grazing. Some paddocks had only a handful of trees remaining. However the steep hillsides and the riparian zone contained some magical remnant specimens which have become very special to us and, as we have learnt more about our land, we have discovered several threatened species.

In 2022 a Conservation Order was established with Biodiversity Conservation Trust with 17 ha now set aside in perpetuity for conservation. 2021-22 has also seen major plantings in partnership with both Conservation Volunteers Australia and Bangalow Koalas. Read more about these initiatives in the sections below. 

Biodiversity Conservation Trust

Our Conservation Agreement

If you have an animal that needs rescuing, please contact WIRES (NSW) 1300 094 737 OR Wildlife Rescue Australia 1300 596 457.


Rock Valley
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