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Our Reforestation and Restoration

Although mostly cleared prior to our purchase, over the past 20+ years we have focused on re-foresting approximately one fifth of the property (20 acres).

We have planted more than 8000 trees by hand, predominantly cabinet timber species (including some rare/endangered species) and Eucalypts.

In the early years we agisted cattle and fenced the riparian zone to minimise damage. In recent years cattle and fences have been removed, and we are focused on promoting natural regrowth across the property.

While areas of the property have established eucalypt trees, we have focused on creating corridors of koala-preferred trees to facilitate movement of animals into and across the property.

We have a glass house which we are increasingly using to propagate trees and shrubs to plant on the property.

Our involvement with Jiggi Catchment Landcare is helping us to learn much more about the plants that inhabit our Sanctuary and in recent years we have been fortunate to secure a number of grants in recent years to assist us with our activities and

In 2019 we received a Lismore City Council Rural Landholder Initiative grant which provided invaluable support for weed control in the riparian zone and for us to plant around 1000 trees (although drought conditions at the time limited our overall goals that year). Our thanks to Philippe Binetruy for his leadership in this project. 

With funding from Biodiversity Conservation Trust (BCT) 2019-2022 we have been conducting weed control activities on the West facing hill, working across from the northern side of the property. This area contained a large outbreak of Giant Devil’s Fig as well as other weeds. We acknowledge and greatly appreciate the work of Dan Riordan on this project in addition to his maintenance of other areas of the property (self-funded).

Our 2021-2022 Tree Planting Partnerships

A highlight for us occurred in 2021 with our involvement in a Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) tree planting, funded through NRMA. Over 1200 trees were planted in March 2021, with the amazing input of the CVA coordinators (Shae and Kelly) and the assistance of a small team of volunteers on the two days of planting. Maintenance work has been continuing throughout 2021 and a CVA workshop focused on glider species and habitat creation is planned in late 2021. Check out this drone photo just after the initial planting. 

CVA Planting 2021

In June 2022 a very exciting partnership with Bangalow Koalas led to the planting of the big expanse of ex-cow paddock on the south-east side of Araucaria Sanctuary. More than 7000 trees went into the ground… a mixture of koala-suitable eucalypts interplanted with other “big scrub” species to provide fruit, foliage and habitat to a diversity of wildlife species. An awesome team of contractors from East Coast Bush Regeneration, headed up by the amazing Rossco, did the bulk of the hard work, with a volunteer day, with the ever dynamic Koala in Chief, Linda Sparrow. 

Bangalow Koalas are supported by WWF-Australia Regenerate Australia and One Tree Planted and NSW State Government DPE. We thank everyone who has contributed to this huge tree planting and are excited to  watch this forest grow and know that it will provide homes to wildlife for many years to come.  Read more and see more photos on our blog post. 

At the end of June 2022 we also held our second (2022) tree planting with Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA). This planting was a bit different to the last one hosted in 2021 - a gully planting, with trees closely spaced over a hilly terrain. Read more and see more photos on our blog post. 

CVA Planting 2022
Plans and Goals

Our long term vision is to create a rich and biodiverse carbon-positive ecosystem across our 100 acre property forming a haven for existing and released wildlife and supporting increases in threatened fauna and flora species. We have just updated our property plan for 2022-2025.

If you have an animal that needs rescuing, please contact WIRES (NSW) 1300 094 737 OR Wildlife Rescue Australia 1300 596 457.


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