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Our Threatened and Special Flora

Our property provides a key habitat for a number of threatened species of plant. We are also passionate about some very special remnant old-growth trees and less known species and are continuing to learn more about the flora of our Sanctuary.

Some of the threatened fauna species which have been identified thus far... 

Giant Ironwood

 (Choricarpia subargentea) - Endangered
Thus far we have found one large creek tree and a couple of paddock specimens. We are on the lookout for more!

Thorny pea

(Desmodium acanthocladum) - Vulnerable
The Sanctuary has large copses of Thorny pea, offering invaluable habitat for many small animals and birds. 

Hairy Jointgrass

(Arthraxon hispidus) - Vulnerable
A study by PhD Candidate Laura White (from Southern Cross University) documented numerous areas of this species in moist open grassland areas. We are aiming to focus efforts on preserving this species. 

Scrub Turpentine 

(Rhodamnia rubescens) - Critically Endangered - highly to extremely susceptible to infection by Myrtle Rust. 

Fragrant Myrtle

(Gossia fragrantissima) - Endangered

Some of our Favourite Trees and Shrubs

Old Growth Brush Box

A gnarly but stately remnant paddock tree.

A huge Sygium and staghorn

Naturally occurring Finger Limes

Complete with birds' nest.

Plum Pine

(Podocarpus elatus). 
This magnificent tree sits alongside our "swimming hole". No doubt hundred/s of years old it produces abundent fruit when the season is right. 

Flooded Gum

(Eucalyptus grandis)
One of many old trees providing invaluable hollows for wildlife                         

Ferns and Fungi
Grasses and Vines

The top western corner of the property was once an open paddock of Kikuyu. Now with partial canopy and little ground competition the native grasses are flourishing.

Rough Saw-sedge (Gahnia aspera)

Now regenerating across the western side of the property

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Rock Valley
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