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Our Wild Friends

Over the years we have released a range of native animals and many have gone on to have offspring of their own. Some disappear into the bush but others come back to visit, and bring their own joeys back for us to meet. Of course there are many wild-born critters at our sanctuary as well.

We have been focusing on building and erecting nesting boxes for possums, gliders and hollow-dwelling birds as well as ground habitat sites (hollow logs, rock and log piles) for animals such as bandicoots.

A visitor for afternoon tea

Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog - Litoria fallax - Regularly spotted hiding amongst the garden shrubs. 

"Tank Girl"

Short-eared (Mountain) Brushtail Possum - One of our earlier releases who now lives in our ceiling. We have watched her raise one grand-joey a year every year for close to 9 years now.

Passing through

Spotted occasionally in the dam, this guy decided to come visit our house on his way to, or from, the creek!

Lying in wait

One of the many Coastal Carpet Pythons who patrol the property... being sneaky and hoping noone spots her!

Wanderer Butterfly

Wanderer Butterfly - Danaus plexippus
(photo by Wanda)

Loving life being green

Green Tree Frog - Litoria caerulea - sadly these guys diminished in numbers due to the arrival many years ago of chytrid fungus - but they are now making a comeback!

Pool Party on the Deck

Australian King Parrot (Alisterus scapularis) - The flock often pay us a visit, with their startling colours matching our domestic decor (and no, we don't feed them)!

Regal visitors

The secretive Regent Bowerbirds (Sericulus chrysocephalus) have been spotted regularly - photographed here getting a drink during the drought. 

Just some of our wild friends passing one camera point! How many can you name?
If you have an animal that needs rescuing, please contact WIRES (NSW) 1300 094 737 OR Wildlife Rescue Australia 1300 596 457.


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